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Today TaxMama wants to give you some no-charge resources to help you protect your finances – and reduce your stress, and perhaps improve your health.
Besides, all the questions directed to TaxMama in the last couple of days are either too complex, or too often repeated to bore you with, here.
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Yesterday we talked about treasure hunting and searching databases for your unclaimed assets. Well, several people have chimed in and provided more no-charge resources.
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I’ve added them to the Resource Box in TaxQuips #905 https://taxquips.
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Are you subscribed to BottomLine Secrets? Today’s newsletter included information about mutual funds that act like hedge funds – and offer a pretty nice rate of return. There’s also an explanation of age discrimination…and health tips. I have been subscribing to their print publications for decades.

One of the most delightful ways to start my day is Nancie Clare’s upbeat reviews of interesting sites. Learn about money, careers, love, beauty, travel and more. Each day’s offering is more charming or funny or useful than the last.

The best financial news site online, is Articles and material is being added constantly – just watch the Latest News feed to see new material appear ever few minutes, or less.
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Without having to pay the annual subscription fees for the Wall Street Journal, you also get access to WSJ articles, since that’s a sister publication.
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There are tools to help you look up stock values – now and historically. And of course, there’s TaxMama’s TaxWatch column – which provides a solution to help you protect your savings.

Jim Blasingame is one of the best-placed folks to advocate for small businesses. He is one. And I’ve watched him build his business, contacts and reputation. Just as I work closely with IRS, Jim is tight with the Small Business Administration. He hosts a daily morning radio show 7-9 am Eastern time – which you can replay if you’d rather sleep in. TaxMama is a member of his extensive Brain Trust – a pool of experts in all areas of that can be useful to businesses. And tune in Friday morning as we talk about how to save your savings.

Please – tell us about your favorite resources.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about your money and other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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