Thank you!

Dear TaxMama Family and Friends

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This is a great time to pause and reflect on the many good things that have come your way.
Whether they include family  or friends;
Whether they include happy trips and experiences;
Whether they include work or career enhancements;
Whether it includes a significant moment, a smile, or a feeling.
Or even if they include new shiny objects you’ve managed to get.

There is so much to appreciate.

And if there isn’t – this is the time to do something about it for yourself.

One of the most important things I learned over the years was:

Don’t wait for someone to invite you or to include you.
Invite THEM. Include THEM.
And you will be surrounded by a wealth of friends.

And please remember to thank the people you take for granted.
They are always there, taking care of things in the background
so your life runs smoothly in ways you never consider.

And I thank you!

Your questions, your answers, your humor, your support –
you bring a smile, a grimace, or a challenge to me.



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