TaxMama’s® TaxQuips – An Ode to April 15!

  An Ode to April 15!

Why is every year the same
When we play this taxing game?

“May 17th” turns out to be,
something we couldn’t really foresee!

With estimates still due on April 15.
Folks do think the IRS is mean!

Costs us more than just one night
Making sure that all is right!

Until at the latest day,
We finally know what we get or pay!

Why these taxes have to be
Like a nasty little flea?

Once they bite you, that’s for sure –
Your life will never be like before!

Love or hate them,
Up to you…
but don’t forget: Tax returns are due!

And if you don’t know what to do,
Ask TaxMama® – she’ll tell you true !


by Sandra Lin and TaxMama®  2021

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