Taxes are Funny – Post Tax Filing Blues

computer on overload, spewing paper

TurboTax has teamed up with Jay Mohr to hold a competition for comedians at . The winner gets $10,000 and the opportunity to open for Mohr at an Improv comedy club in Southern California.

To enter, performers can create and submit a video of a routine up to three-minutes in length. It can be stand-up, sketch, alternative or musical comedy, as long as it’s about taxes. The deadline is March 24, 2008.

Information and contest rules are available at Videos can also be submitted on .

Jay Mohr says “Most people think doing your own taxes is hard and being funny is easy. We’re out to prove them wrong. TaxLaugh will give comedians the chance to make a name for themselves by making people laugh about something no one likes – taxes.”

Hah! They give me the blues! How about you?

The Post-Tax Filing Blues

I finally filed my tax return.

Through sleepless nights, how my eyes burn.

I dug and searched before I filed.

But let me tell you, I am riled.

I work too hard and pay a ton.

But, hey,…for now, my tax return’s done.

…. is yours?

© Eva Rosenberg 2004
Submit your own audios here. Just for fun.

To enter the contest, use the link in the Resource Box below.

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