Tax Season is Almost Over

Dear Family,

While I don’t want to impose my traditions on you – I do want to wish you ALL a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous new year.

Tonight is Yom Kippur – many people will be fasting for 25 hours (until tomorrow after sunset) and praying to be written into the Book of Life. (Others, believe it or not, may be praying for release.) For you – I pray for life – L’Chaim!

There have been so many tragedies and troubles in the past year, with storms, and shootings and the ugliest presidential campaign I can ever remember. Too bad we can’t draft Peter Ueberroth to be our president :~)  . The only person I know who managed to deal diplomatically with a world of contentious athletic committees and create a safe and profitable Olympics event, here in California. Oh well…

Today, I don’t have a Tax Quips for you.

But many of us have been busy answering questions in the TaxQuips Forum.

Really, there are lots of fascinating questions and answers. Some of which might apply to you.

There are questions about partnerships, gifts, donations, working and living in multiple states, using your non-profit organization’s funds, choosing between being an employee or independent contractor – and so much more.

I have been busy teaching and writing this year.

You can’t imagine how much time it takes to write fresh class material every other day (or every day).

Some instructors or speakers are smart.

They teach the same few classes over and over again all over the country.

It turns out that I have taught over 70 distinctly new or totally updated classes so far this year – with more to come. Now I know where the time went.

Yes, I AM behind on my columns, including MarketWatch – but stay tuned for the Last Minute Filing column this week.

Sending you love!




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