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Today Bill from Cinncinnati, OH wants to know. “I have what I think is a simple question.
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My fiance and I have lived together for over 2 years. She is now pregnant with my child and had an income of only 00 last year.
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Is it possible for me to claim her as a dependant?
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My tax advisor said I can only claim her if we are legally married and I don’t believe that to be true since I am paying for her and my unborn child’s support. “

Dear Bill,

Yes, you may.

I am sorry to differ with your tax pro. But, this time, you’re absolutely correct.

Your fiance meets the rules for being a dependent.
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See the rules for dependents in Publication 17 (I’ve included the link below.)

However, since she’s not related to you, and you don’t have any legal relationship (wife, foster-child, adoptee), you don’t get to use the head of household filing (HOH) filing status.

Once the baby is born, you’ll qualify as head of household – with respect to the baby.

And of course, if you get married, you’ll get even more benefits from filing jointly.

For now – yes, you get her as a dependent. But, no, no HOH.

Please show that link to your tax advisor.
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