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TaxMama s Tax Quips Non Profit Interest – 6/19/08 – Thursday
Today TaxMama hears from Roger in North Carolina who needs to know “If a Non-Profit Organization (501C3) has a certificate of deposit, is the interest taxable?”

Hi Roger,

It’s clear that you do have to report the income. It’s considered investment income and goes on line 4 of the Form 990 or 990EZ.

The real question, though, is the interest taxable?

I can’t find anything that says the investment income is taxable.

UBIT – unrelated business income tax is assessed against business-type of activities, not related to the main purpose of the organization. They’re just designed to help finance the organization. They don’t advance the purpose of the organization.
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Investing money the organization has until it needs to be spent is a pretty standard operating procedure.
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And it doesn’t appear that the interest is taxed.

If I’m wrong, we’re going to get a flood of responses from readers. So stand by for a couple of days and let’s see!

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