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Today Dennis in St. Louis, MO is getting notices from IRS. I am the personal rep of an estate. I made a mistake when applying for an employer Identification number using the calendar date instead of the estate’s fiscal date. As a result, I was immediately declared delinquent in filing my returns.
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I requested that it be corrected and it was. However, I never received anything in writing telling me that I was not delinquent or even what the new tax year was.

I called and spoke with no less than nine people who transferred me to someone else, every time I asked that the correct information be faxed to me. They said they would send it by U.S. Mail or even carrier pigeon but they would not fax it or email it.

Since I need it this week, I don’t understand why they will not fax. HELP.

Hi Dennis

It’s interesting that you bring this problem up today. Just this morning, at a meeting with other tax professionals, Mel Kreger, the foremost estate attorney who teaches estate tax to tax professionals mentioned that the year-end date you put on the application for the EIN is not the determining date for the estate.
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So, I am glad that IRS fixed this for you…..now, if only they would follow through and get you the paperwork.

I suspect the reason those people won’t fax or e-mail to you is that they don’t have those
tools at their disposal.

What you need right now is a good tax professional, like an enrolled agent or CPA or attorney. Sign a power of attorney (Form 2848). Have them call the Practitioner’s Priority Service. You can’t call them. It’s a special service to help licensed tax practitioners resolve client cases quickly.

The folks at the Hotline can pull a copy of the document you need and fax it to the tax pro.

Who is the tax preparer for the estate return? They should be able to take care of this for you.

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