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Today TaxMama wants to give you some tips on how to use .

Dear Family,

There is a remarkable amount of tax information, articles and research material on the World Wide Web. Much of it is free. Things that used to cost $3,000 per year are all out in the open for everyone to use – at no charge. There is also a lot of junk, misinformation, unreliable sources and tools you cannot rely on.

This site is designed to gather tax information all in one place for you. To explain tax concepts in plain English (or at least, American). And to help point you to resources so you can either prepare your own tax returns – have a solid basis for a discussion with your tax professional.

To navigate the site, use the tool bar at the top of the page. Each one of those words is a link to more resources.

The Quick Look-Ups are THE place to start when you need to find information quickly. I keep a link to this page handy to get quick answers for clients – or for you. You will find the Tax Calendar, and the Credit Card Center, where I try to provide you with access to 0% credit cards. You will find links to current and prior IRS forms pages, state forms, the IRS publications,  Social Security Administration, the per diem tables, and vehicle-related tables. There are also a couple of reports on how long to keep records – and about the EA Exam.

Even More Quick Look-Ups contains all that, plus several versions of the Tax Code, Regulations, access to Tax Court, the Tax Court Petition kit and lots more tools – and several more downloadable reports. I am adding more resources and tools all the time.

To get quick answers, just click on TaxQuips. On any  TaxQuips page, you will find a list of categories in the left-hand column. Scan that quickly to see if your topic is represented. The list is not as compete as I’d like it to be. Not all of the 1600 TaxQuips, Ask TaxMama’s and IRS News are cross-referenced thoroughly. So the search engine at the top of each page will help you find what else you need.

Naturally, life always brings up questions and issues that may not have been addressed yet. That’s what the TaxQuips Forum is for – and the monthly TaxMama Roundtable. The TaxMama Roundtable is your opportunity to ask your questions live – and get answers on the spot. You can bring up any topic (within reason) and Team TaxMama will help you or tell you where to go.

The TaxQuips Forum is for Free members. We do try to answer all the questions that come in, but sometimes miss a few. The Family Member Forum, which we are just about to launch, ensures that you will get answers to your questions. People who support this growing and evolving resource, will naturally, be our primary concern.

We are always adding resources, articles and special reports in all areas of the site. You can subscribe to the site using RSS feeds, email, TaxMama® on Twitter,    TaxMama® on Facebook  or even put a TaxQuips widget on your site, so you and your guests can read TaxQuips right on your own site. This barely scratches the surface of what you will find here.

But it’s a good place to start!

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about taxes, research, and other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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