Credit Where Credit is Due

Today TaxMama hears from Sam in Fort Walton beach, Fl, who’s perplexed. “I bought some stuff on credit card and after some days I lost the credit card.
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The bank issued me a new credit card and my old credit card was cancelled.
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Then when I returned some of the stuff I bought on my old credit card the vendor posted the credit back to my old card. But since that card was cancelled, I never got the credit. Now what should I do?

Hi Sam,

Call up the credit card company who issued your new card, and replaced the old card. Ask them to look up the credit that was issued.
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Ask them to transfer the credit from the old credit card number to the new one – or ask them to issue a refund. They will.
Be patient.

They’ll work it out. But it may take a couple of attempts. If the company offers online access to your account, log in and check on it every few days.
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If the credit doesn’t show up, or if you don’t get the refund check, call again. Do be persistent.
You’ll get your money back. Really.
And take better care of your credit cards.
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