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Today TaxMama hears from CJ in Concord, California has an urgent request. “Time is short on this one! Do you have any information about a bill being put before the California legislature tomorrow – (June 22) that would allow the state to have 3% in taxes withheld from payments to independent contractors, independent distributors, etc.? If so, can you recommend quick ways to protest this to the appropriate people?

Dear CJ,

Anytime you want to contact your California legislators, just go their websites and send them an e-mail. Better yet – call their offices!
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Or fax them – so they have a written record of your stand on the legislation.

Incidentally, according to an alert from Spidell – caltax.
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com, it seems that Governor Schwarzenegger is opposed to the independent contractor withholding. So send him a fax too, to let him know you support his position.

The governor’s contact is here:

You can find your Senators here:

The Senate committee memberships – look for Budget Committee

And your Assembly members here:

The Assembly committee memberships – look for Budget Committee

And other California legislative information here:

Those of you not in California, who have issues coming up this summer, and there will be many new issues with states in financial trouble. You can find your own legislators by Googling the name of your state and the word “legislature”.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about affecting and other tax issues, free.

Where? Where else? At

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