Auditor Agression

Today TaxMama hears from Ben in FL who tells us, “I am completing an audit for a client. The Revenue Agent refuses to give me her proposed adjustments so they can be analyzed and refuted, if possible. She wants a closing signed without any discussion. Is this normal and what means do I have to pry the proposed adjustments from her?”

Hi Benjamin,

That’s utter nonsense!

You’re absolutely right. Without seeing the adjustments and analyzing them, you will sign nothing. Period.

Insist on speaking with her supervisor.

If they refuse, request the meeting in writing.

If they refuse, just let her issue her report. When you get the Statutory Notice, otherwise known as the 90-day letter, just file a request for an appeal. But watch the clock. If you don’t get an Appeal scheduled – and resolved – in time, make sure to file a Tax Court petition before the 90 days run out. (Note: That is 90 DAYS, not three months, so be careful how you mark your calendar.)

If you don’t know how to file for an Appeal or Tax Court petition, read Chapter 13 in Small Business Taxes Made Easy. Seriously – it will tell how to deal with appeals and Tax Court – even if you’re not certified for Tax Court.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about IRS audit problems and all kinds of other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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