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Auditor Agression

Today TaxMama hears from Ben in FL who tells us, “I am completing an audit for a client. The Revenue Agent refuses to give me her proposed adjustments so they can be analyzed and refuted, if possible. She wants a closing signed without any discussion. Is this normal and what means do I have to […]

Divorce Payments

Today TaxMama hears from Gary in Missouri, who tells us “I am a retired military man and the judge gave my ex-wife one half of my retirement check…actually, I lose 55%, including child support. Is any of that deductible from my taxes?”

Subdivided Personality II

Yesterday TaxMama responded to Keith in Wisconsin, who wanted to sell his home and an adjacent lot that he had paid to subdivide. Keith asked about his options when it came to selling the lots, together or separately.

Deducting the Civil War

Today TaxMama hears from Jimmy in McAlester, Oklahoma, who tells us “I began doing War Between the States re-enactments last year. Several people told me, to keep my receipts because uniforms, travel, equipment, and etc. were tax deductible. I have looked for something that allows this deduction and cannot find anything. if I were a […]

Tax Bankruptcies

From: Everywhere – we had about 10 questions about tax bankruptcies, this week alone. Who knows, perhaps this article re-surfaced Dear TaxMama, Is it true that you really can get rid of your taxes through bankruptcy? What is a tax bankruptcy and how can I get one? Signed… everyone. Dear Family, About three years ago, […]