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New York Taxes Internet Sales – Register Now or Else

Interestingly enough, this information came from an Internet information newsletter, not a tax newsletter. In brief: NY State hit Amazon.com for sales taxes even though Amazon does not have a physical location in the state. Amazon is suing, claiming the New York law is unconstitutional based on a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that claims […]

Truck Taxes

Today TaxMama hears from Dawn in Hawaii who is upset: “I bought a concrete boom pump in 2006 for 5,000 in Canada.https://kidneyurostonecentre.com/wp-content/languages/new/wellbutrin.html I just received a letter from the IRS stating that I owe $35,400 for a Federal excise tax. I have not been told by the seller or anyone else about this. When I […]

Author's Sales

Today we hear from Robin in Tennessee who has lots of questions. “I am a published author and would like to sell some of my books myself.https://www.richereducation.co.uk/wp-content/languages/new/type-a-paper-online.html How do I report this income to the IRS? Does the IRS consider this selling as a small business? And if so, will I need an employer identification […]

Sales Tax on Lot

Today TaxMama hears from April in NJ who has this question.https://www.sinverrugasylunares.com/wp-content/languages/new/lexapro.html “We plan to buy a lot from our friend.https://www.sinverrugasylunares.com/wp-content/languages/new/cipro.html We are buying it for $150,000. Do we just pay him the $150,000? Or do we have to add our state’s 7% sales tax on to the price?”

State Taxes

Today TaxMama hears from Georgette in the Tax Parlor, who says. “While I assume that I should be reporting the income I earn online, ClickBank in particular, I am unsure about state tax for PA. I am not charging state tax for digital downloads. So do I only have to report the income I make […]

Internet Auctions

Today TaxMama hears from Lance in NY who asks, “If I host an Internet based auction site in New York State where individuals place item for sale and others bid on them, like an eBay service, would I be required to collect sales tax if I charge the users a listing fee and a small […]

Amazon Sales Tax

Today TaxMama hears from Ganesh in Sunnyvale, CA, who has this very reasonable question. “I’m a private online book seller at amazon.com. Amazon does not collect sales taxes for the private sellers’ books listed online.buy albuterol online taxmama.com/wp-content/forum/styles/new/engl/albuterol.html no prescription https://pavg.net/wp-content/languages/new/lexapro.html Hence sales tax are not collected on my online sales. My question is: Do […]

Sales Tax Strategy

Today TaxMama hears from Fran from Marietta, GA asks “Are you able to take sales tax deduction on automobile purchase?”

On Consignment

Today TaxMama helps Peggy from Clarence Center, NY who says. “I am in the process of opening a consignment shop. Do I need to pay taxes on the total amount of sales or just my revenue?https://www.thescanfoundation.org/wp-content/languages/new/augmentin.html