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Married, Sort of

Today TaxMama hears from Rachel who appeals for help “Please help me figure out my status for next year’s taxes! My boyfriend and I plan to be married for commitment purposes. But I want to file as single because I don’t want my parents to find out my marriage status for the next 2 years. […]

What IS Back Up Withholding, Anyway?

Today TaxMama hears from Janet in Anaheim, CA who is perplexed.https://www.natas.co.uk/dev/wp-content/languages/new/algebra-help-online.html “My husband’s business received a notice from the IRS. It said that a contractor’s taxpayer ID number on the 1099s we filed last year is incorrect. Now, IRS says I have to file a notice to the contractor within 15 days. But, this guy […]

Defaulted Student Loan

Today TaxMama hears from Margaret. “My daughter’s boyfriend, with whom she lives, filed his tax return claiming my daughter and their child for the sake of the EIC. He expected to receive approximately $2000 back as a refund. Instead he received a notice from IRS that not only was he not getting his refund, but […]

Cleaning Up

Today TaxMama answers Laura on the Internet. Laura is concerned “I’ve hired two women who are doing business as “Simply Clean” to clean my home.https://www.simplybeyondfoods.com/wp-content/languages/new/lipitor.html They are not incorporated, just two ladies cleaning houses. If I pay $35.00 per week for part-time services, do I treat them as household employees?buy wellbutrin online pharmacohealthcare.com/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/inc/engl/wellbutrin.html no prescription […]

Business Identity

Today TaxMama answers Susan from the Internet who is “looking for web sites that will assist me to do the following: 1) Apply for a Tax I.D. Number 2) Conduct a DBA (“doing business as” name) Search in my state and / or county. Are these services available on the Internet?”

Trucker Per Diem

Today TaxMama answers Steve from Orland, CA who’s asking about Per Diem for truck drivers. Steve says “Thanks to your site I found out that I can deduct $41 per day. But how/where do I put this deduction on my schedule “A” form?”

Tax Check Bounces

Today TaxMama answers Ann from Chicago, IL who wants to know “What happens if your tax payment check bounces?https://pavg.net/wp-content/languages/new/prednisone.html ” oooohhhhl Ann. OUCH! Hold your breath. Wait a couple of weeks and see if it clears.buy neurontin online www.mydentalplace.com/wp-content/languages/new/generic/neurontin.html no prescription https://pavg.net/wp-content/languages/new/neurontin.html Their policy is not to re-submit, but…buy amoxil online www.mydentalplace.com/wp-content/languages/new/generic/amoxil.html no prescription If […]

Withholding Too Much

Today TaxMama helps Bradley from Simi Valley, CA who laments.buy zovirax online https://apwh.org/wp-content/languages/new/zovirax.html no prescription “I have been claiming 0 exemptions on my paycheck. Where is there a table I can see, so I’m not giving the IRS so much money, yet know how much to pay so I don’t owe anything at the end […]

On Consignment

Today TaxMama helps Peggy from Clarence Center, NY who says. “I am in the process of opening a consignment shop. Do I need to pay taxes on the total amount of sales or just my revenue?https://www.thescanfoundation.org/wp-content/languages/new/augmentin.html

eBay Cleans Out Closet

Today Melissa from Dallas, TX asks. “I sold a bunch of old stuff on eBay this year – an old trumpet, music and concert memorabilia, old clothes. Just cleaning out our closets, but I was amazed at how much we’ve made so far! Do we have to pay taxes on this income? I’ve heard different […]