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Free Senior Health Care

Since I can’t easily get to the e-mail address with your questions, I thought I’d turn to today’s news. This siutation just got to me. How does this strike you? What do you do if you no longer have a job and your COBRA has run out – and you can’t get or afford new coverage […]

TaxMama’s Tax Quips and Egg Donor

Today TaxMama hears from Puzzled in San Francisco, CA who wants to know: “My financial advisor told me there is a great deal of uncertainty with regard to egg donor compensation. Many egg donor boards mention that if the compensation if considered “pain and suffering” then it’s not taxable. I would much rather keep the […]

Blood and Guts

Today TaxMama hears from Larry from North Carolina says, “I donated blood to the Red Cross 6 times this year.https://lightsailed.com/homeschool/wp-content/languages/new/math-homework-help-app.html   I know I can’t deduct the value of my time but can I deduct the value of the blood?buy wellbutrin online pavg.net/wp-content/languages/new/where/wellbutrin.html no prescription https://lightsailed.com/homeschool/wp-content/languages/new/homeworkhelp-com.html   Red Cross sells my blood for $85-$250/unit.”