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The Annual “I Didn’t Get My W-2” Question

Today TaxMama hears from Robert in Texas, who complains: “My employer fired me. I worked in the office and taxes were taken out of checks. She has not sent me my W-2 forms. What do I do now?”

Should I Report Income?

Today TaxMama hears from Michelle in Pennsylvania, who has this dilemma, “My husband was working and receiving $300 a week for 7 weeks. He was paid with a personal check. Do we claim that? Because his boss will not be claiming him, I was not sure. Some people told me no; some people told me […]

Paying Payroll Tax

Today we hear from Amanda in TN who tells us. “I am an owner of a small business. I need to know what form to use for my payroll deposits. Do I pay quarterly or monthly? I’ve been trying to figure this out since our first payroll last month. So can I double my payments […]

Doctors Billing

Today we hear from a doctor’s wife, with a common problem, (note: I can’t find the original question, so I hope you read this reply.) “We have a couple of doctors who use my husband’s physician number to bill insurance companies and Medicare for services. When we receive the money, we pay it over to […]

New Social Security Mismatch Rule

Shades of 1984 and McCarthyism! This new rule is going further than simply holding employers responsible for ensuring that the workers they hire are all legal. That is as it should be. Everyone should take responsibility for their own actions and choices. However, it includes a snitch-factor – encouraging employees to turn others in – […]

Need to Change Your Federal Tax Withholding, Form W-4?

Need to Change Your Federal Tax Withholding? IRS Has an On-Line Calculator That Can Help Did you have too little or too much federal tax withheld from your pay in 2006 – owing money or getting a large refund when you filed your tax return? Have you recently experienced a lifestyle change such as marriage, […]

Disability Income

Today TaxMama hears from Sal, who tells us. “In the year 2006 an employee of a non profit social service organization located in New York State received third-party sick pay directly from an insurance company. A separate W-2 showing the sick pay was issued to the employee. It shows no Federal, State or Local withholding […]

Exempt from FUTA

Today TaxMama hears from Jean in New Jersey, who asks “Does a non-profit organization have to pay into unemployment compensation.”

Tax-Free Life

Today TaxMama hears from Gaetano in Pennsylvania, who asks “If an individual purchases an old home with the intention of fixing it up (significantly or substantially) and then turning it over (selling it), is this treated as a capital gain asset or as ordinary income? The individual is not in the construction business but works […]

Marriage Penalty

Today TaxMama hears from Debby in Illinois who got quite a shock. “I have been married for about a year (have been together for many more). I just found out that my husband did not file tax returns for several years, including at least two when he was self employed. I am in the process […]

Stubborn Employer

Today TaxMama hears from Gary from the Internet has this problem, “My former employer who refuses to correct my W2 for 2005—the withholding for FICA and Medicare are not at the correct percentages. They made a change in the 403b and had to adjust the taxable wages for FICA and Medicare wages. Since I was […]