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Back to the Ex

A few weeks ago, we talked about changing IRS collection policy when it comes to divorced couples who owe a joint tax debt when they end their marriage. You can read the details here. http://taxtwist.com/article.php?varset=s:13-pm:p-se:265-e:69-a:136&SessId= Since all the questions I am getting this week relate to tax bankruptcy (MSN must have re-released that old article) […]

Big Gains

Today TaxMama hears from Marty in Calif., who relates. “I own a piece of land in Florida that I own free and clear and now have up for sale (as of Jan. 1, 2006) and the listing price is $5.74 million. It was valued at $426,000 when I acquired it several years ago. A financial […]

Die Now File Later?

Today Richard from Phoenix, AZ wants to know. “If someone dies, can the tax returns for the year in which they died be filed prior to the end of that year? Or do you have to wait till all of their tax forms for the year in which they died are received?”