Small Business Taxes Made Easy – 3nd Edition

You opened your business to get more control of your life. Start by getting more control of your taxes. Small Business Taxes Made Easy gives you the tools and techniques you need to trim thousands of dollars from your tax bill–today, tomorrow, and over the life of you business.

Let Small Business Taxes Made Easy show you how to:

  • Establish and follow no-nonsense tax-saving practices from day one
  • Know exactly what you can deduct–and what you cannot
  • Learn retirement tips for self-employed people that even the IRS found surprising–but legal

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Praise For Small Business Taxes Made Easy:

“I started my business 10 years ago and by luck and the kindness of friends, strangers and professionals, I was able to hobble together less than half the wealth of information and great advice in this book. Eva’s book is insightful, timely and a must read for anyone starting or already in a small business. Thank you!”
Deborah M. Pratt, Director/Producer/Writer – known for the popular TV series “Quantum Leap”

“Eva has the uncanny gift of making the arcane world of taxes, easy to understand, fun and engaging.  This book does just that. This is a great resource and guidebook for any small business owner and independent contractor who wants to get a better handle on how their business is really doing. This book helps empower people to understand their businesses, financial health.”
Michael Rozbruch, CPA, CTRS, Founder, Michael Rozbruch’s Tax & Business Solutions Academy

“I personally work closely with dozens of serious entrepreneurs one-on-one, and tens of thousands in group coaching sessions and via my newsletters.
Whenever I get a question about choosing a business structure, business planning, keep proper records without too much PAIN, and minimizing taxes legally, my answer is always the same. I point them to Eva Rosenberg.
The best advice that I offer is to point them to Eva Rosenberg’s Small Business Taxes Made Easy and the best gift that I can and do give any of my entrepreneurial clients is a copy of Eva’s book, Small Business Taxes Made Easy.
Willie Crawford, 20+ Year Online Marketing Mentor

Eva Rosenberg, the Internet’s “Tax Mama®,” has written a helpful overview of tax issues that every small business owner will encounter. “Small Business Taxes Made Easy” delivers no-nonsense advice on setting up a new company, establishing good record-keeping habits, and establishing a sound accounting system. Rosenberg’s provides excellent tips and advice to help you make sound business decisions and stay out of tax trouble.

William Perez , Tax Planning Guide ,

“Eva Rosenberg knows her real estate. Her analysis of the home-office deduction ought to inspire owners of home-based businesses to take full advantage of the tax break and put their minds at ease about IRS scrutiny.”

Steve Kerch, personal finance and real estate editor,Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Eva Rosenberg counsels new entrepreneurs that they’ll needa business plan if they want to succeed. Reading Small Business Taxes Made Easy should be the first step in that plan.”

Small Business Taxes Made Easy - Third Edition
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