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Prized Trip

Today TaxMama hears from Sherry in Mount Holly, NC who tells us. “I received a trip from a company my employer is a distributor for by reaching our purchasing goals for the year. I know I have to pay taxes on the trip ($2,500.00) but where do I report it on my 1040 form and […]

100 Miles

Today TaxMama hears from Becky in Arlington TX who says, “I teach school and teach on a contract basis and my husband has a remodeling business. I want to know if my husband and I have our residence in one city, but commute 100 miles during the week to work in another city, can we […]

Fifth Wheel

Today TaxMama hears from Brad in North Carolina, who says, “I am an independent contractor in both the telecommunications and catastrophic insurance claims industry. Which means I travel across the country on short-term assignments of less than a year, anywhere in the US. I am a permanent resident of the State of North Carolina and […]

The Long Drive

Today Nick from Columbus, Georgia asks, “I live in Columbus, GA and work in Atlanta, GA. Since I work about 200 miles away from my residence, my company gives me a per diem. My question is, even though I get a per diem, can I claim my expenses as business expenses while I am in […]

When is an Author Published?

Today Sherrie from Mc Minnville, OR asks, “As an author, tell me, what is the definition of “published”? Do newsletters or other publications besides books count? Do I have to have earned a certain amount of money with publications? Can I only take the write-offs if I have naturally purple hair and be born to […]