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Asked Too Late

Today TaxMama hears from Thomas in Ohio with this question. “I have been married four strattera online no prescription My wife owned her own home before our marriage and we lived there for the last four years. I was never on that title. Now we purchased a home together to live in and […]

Rental Property

Today TaxMama hears from Sue in Nevada with a couple of questions. “I inherited rental property and must prepare for the 2008 tax return. Do I use fair market value as the cost basis in figuring the depreciation? Also, how do I calculate depreciation?”

Active Participant

Today TaxMama hears from Gene in California who tells us, “My wife and I are landlords. We own 8 single family homes as rentals, 7 of them out of state. We both have full time jobs, but manage rentals ourselves without rental management companies. Do we qualify for the status of active participants not passive […]

Ameridream Come True

Today TaxMama hears from Anita in Florida, who says. “I recently sold a rental property. The buyers used a down payment assistance program called Ameridream®. The literature I received from Ameridream® says the fee that I paid as part of closing costs ‘may be able to be deducted as a selling expense’.order valtrex online […]

My Opinion

Today TaxMama hears from Carrie in IL, who is confused. “I owned a home for 5 years. I lived in it for the first 3 years, then rented it out for the last two. This was also my first sale. I am told many things. Some say I will pay capital gains on the years […]

Assessor vs FMV

Today TaxMama hears from Tim in California with this issue, “Can we use fair market value (FMV) to determine land valuation, leaving the rest of the purchase price as the value of the new rental house, for depreciation purposes?buy temovate online no prescription The assessor’s ratio usually isn’t in our best interest.”

Rent to Relative

Today TaxMama hears from Bill in California who says,“I am considering renting a home that I own to a relative. I recently read a snippet that stated ‘’…People who rent property to their family or friends can lose virtually all of their tax deductions.’’ Is this true? If so, under what circumstances would I lose […]

Casualty Loss

Today TaxMama hears from Jackie in Virginia who tells us, “We had some water damage on our rental property and the insurance company paid for the repairs. Is the insurance payment for the repairs considered income? ”

Roommates and Taxes

Today TaxMama hears from Shawn in North Dakota who is worried: “I just purchased a home as my primary residence. Several people live in this home and pay a monthly amount to help cover the mortgage. Am I required to report this as rental income even though this is my primary residence?buy amitriptyline online […]