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Self Employment

Today, Dina from Santa Barbara, CA moans, “Help! We owe $14,000.00 in taxes this year. My husband has a small business and only made $61,000.00. What happened? How can one live and provide for a family of four on that? Now our savings are gone.”

National Standards

Today TaxMama hears several people who are having problems with the amounts IRS wants paid on their balance due, compared to the amount they think they can pay. In most cases, the amounts due are under $25,000.

Statistical Restaurant

Today TaxMama hears from Patrick in the TaxParlor who has this tale of woe, “In 2001 I withdrew about $70,000 from a 401K plan to open a new restaurant. I had just been laid off from my job and wanted to try something new. I opened a restaurant, and it failed. I ended up owing […]

Cancelled Debt

Today TaxMama hears from Sean from TaxMama’s Tax Parlor who tells us a very long story. Please read the whole question in the Tax Parlor. But, for short…, “My current situation involves a repossession of a car back in 1994. I received a notice about a year ago from the IRS stating that I owed […]

Wiped Taxes

Today TaxMama hears from Sam in MO who wants to know, “I had a bankruptcy in 1997 from a failed business. At that time I owed employee withholding taxes which were listed on my bankruptcy. Knock on wood, I have never heard from the IRS. Were those taxes wiped clean from the bankruptcy? Same situation […]

IRS Collections Agencies

Today TaxMama hears from Brent Clanton on the BizRadio Network in Texas, who wants to know about the new program IRS has instituted, contracting out collections services to private collections agencies. [Note: We will be adding the audio once we get the feed from the BizRadio Network later today.]

Payments Not Credited

Today TaxMama hears from Jackie who has this problem, “I got a bill from IRS for 2002 taxes. They say I owe $22,000. But I learned that they do not have all my W-2 withholding credited. How long do I have to file an amendment? And should I hire a tax attorney?”

Back to the Ex

A few weeks ago, we talked about changing IRS collection policy when it comes to divorced couples who owe a joint tax debt when they end their marriage. You can read the details here. Since all the questions I am getting this week relate to tax bankruptcy (MSN must have re-released that old article) […]

Prized Trip

Today TaxMama hears from Sherry in Mount Holly, NC who tells us. “I received a trip from a company my employer is a distributor for by reaching our purchasing goals for the year. I know I have to pay taxes on the trip ($2,500.00) but where do I report it on my 1040 form and […]

California Here I GO

Today TaxMama hears from Tom in MO, who wants to know. “Is there a good procedural manual out there to make it thru the California Franchise Tax Board’s (FTB) Offer in Compromise routine? They are requesting $13K in back taxes, which isn’t doable since I no longer live in CA. I live in MO. I […]


Today TaxMama hears from IRS, who answered some questions for tax professionals: “My client received a balance due notice on their 2005 return? Why were they charged interest from 4/15/06 when the due date was extended to 4/17/06?”

Changing IRS Collection Policy

Today TaxMama wants to talk about a disturbing IRS policy. It’s based on this question from a reader – “The IRS is wanting to garnish my wages for back taxes from 1998. My ex and I are both responsible, but he is claiming self employment, living with a very wealthy girlfriend. So IRS is coming […]