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Relationship Doubts

Today TaxMama hears from Kevin in California who asks. “I know California isn’t a common-law state. But are there any other tax issues that I need to be aware of if I decide not to get married to my long-term girlfriend? With such high divorce rates, I’m beginning to think that remaining committed partners is […]

Marriage or Education

Today TaxMama hears from Mary in Florida, with this problem. “I am finishing up my degree in nursing – and I am about to get married this year. But if I file a married return, I will lose my financial aid. And my tuition is over $30,000 per year. What do I do?”


A few minutes ago, I got this note from a divorced woman who is facing a mountain of tax debt generated by her ex – and whose expensive tax attorney couldn’t win a legitimate innocent spouse case: Unfortunately when I was married, my husband of 27 years prepared our return and would rush me to […]

Love Across State Lines

Today TaxMama hears from Mary in Georgia who tells us, “I live and work in Georgia. My spouse lives and works in New York. We will file a federal return together. But do we file state returns together? Do I pay NY state tax on my GA income; and does he pay GA tax on […]

Common Law Marriage in South Carolina

Today we hear from TR in South Carolina who’s apprehensive, “I just found out that the Common Law Marriage Law has changed in South Carolina as of January 1, 2006. We have been filing “Married” for the 2005/2006 tax seasons. Since the law has changed and requires a marriage license… should I file “Single” and […]

His and Her Homes

Today TaxMama hears from Rhonda in Florida with this dilemma. “I purchased a condo in Florida in 1996. It was my primary residence for about 5 years. Then I got married, moved in to my husband’s condo and rented mine out. It was a rental property for the past 5 years. Since I originally purchased […]

The Social Security Marriage Tax Penalty

by Doug Thorburn, EA, CFP Single taxpayers with Social Security benefits subject to the phase-in rules experience exorbitant tax brackets at moderate incomes. Married filers suffer quietly at generally lower rates, but that doesn’t mean they are better off. The reason is the “base amounts” for married filers begin at such relatively low income levels […]

Revised Innocent Spouse Form Now Available from IRS

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced a redesigned Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief, that will help reduce follow up questions and reduce the burden on taxpayers. The form will ask more questions initially, but collecting critical information early in the process will mean faster processing of the request. The new design […]

Dependents and Re-Marrying

Today TaxMama hears from Denise in NJ, who wants to know. “If a couple gets a divorce, and the woman gets to take the children as dependents in lieu of alimony, what happens if she remarries and does not hold a job any longer? Can she file jointly with her new husband and still use […]

Innocent Spouse

Today TaxMama hears from Auntie Weezer in the Tax Parlor who says, “I currently owe the IRS money from previous tax years, I will be getting married this fall. Is there any way I can keep IRS from taking my husband’s tax refund and only take mine? Someone told me to file married but separated […]

Buying Hubby Out

Today TaxMama hears from Char in the Tax Parlor who tells us, ” I have a friend who got a divorce last year, 2006. He and his wife owned a house together. Rather than sell the house and split the profit of the sale, the wife chose to keep the house and buy her husband’s […]