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Going for the Jugular

Today TaxMama hears from Carolyn, commenting on yesterday’s TaxQuip. “I thought you would have strongly encouraged her to get off food stamps and earn a living. If she gets more money in food stamps, she should think carefully about doing this? Are you kidding me?”

Housecleaning Business

Today TaxMama hears from Blanca in Arizona who needs to know. “We are receiving food stamps. My husband might be getting unemployment benefits soon. However, I just started working for a small company cleaning their houses. I am charging them $100.00 a house and might have about 5 per month to do. They asked me […]

Home Provided by Employer

Today TaxMama hears from Joe in Maryland with an interesting problem. “I have been offered a great job but I am a little concerned about having to move from my home to the home that is owned by the company that wants to hire me. I will be required to reside in the company home […]

401K While on Early Social Security

Today TaxMama hears from Larry in Texas. He has an interesting question. “I’m 63 and receiving social security retirement benefits. I work part-time. Will contributions to my company 401(k) reduce my taxable income? Specifically, will my contributions reduce my total income, enabling me to exceed the earnings limits for being under full retirement age?”

1099 Instead of K-1

Today TaxMama hears from Rob in Florida. He tells, “I sold my majority interest in an LLC (filing as a partnership with pass-through income) to another partner for $10.00 on August 11, 2008. The partnership’s CPA sent me a 1099-MISC with an amount entered into nonemployee compensation. I was expecting a K-1. Is the 1099 […]

Who Did I Work For?

Today TaxMama hears from Bryan in New Jersey, who says. “I lost my W-2’s for a couple of years. I didn’t get a chance too file because of a nasty divorce. How do I get copies of these W-2’s, since most of these employers are out of business; or I just plain forgot who I […]

Family Wages

Today TaxMama hears from Lena in Virginia, who wants to know. “In order for a family member to be paid wages, do they have to perform the actual task on a regular basis? Or is it sufficient if they are able to perform the task when needed?”

TaxMama Tips in Times of Business Downturns – an Outline

Your business doesn’t have to fail, or even struggle. This is a great time for a business to shine. But you will have to face some hard truths about yourself and your circumstances. And you’re going to need to be brutally honest with yourself, your workers, your family and your vendors. 1) If you can’t […]

Working in Kuwait

Today TaxMama hears from Sara in Louisiana who has this opportunity . “My husband has been offered a position in Kuwait with a salary of $110K US. They have told him that it will be “tax-free”. If he accepts this position, is this just like working in US as someone who is self-employed? I am […]

Bounced Paycheck

Today TaxMama hears from Frank in Thousand Oaks, CA who has this problem. “I worked for a delivery company who paid weekly by checks. One of their checks bounced. So I did not receive my last week pay check. Is there a way I can get them to pay for lost wages? The problem is […]