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Statistical Restaurant

Today TaxMama hears from Patrick in the TaxParlor who has this tale of woe, “In 2001 I withdrew about $70,000 from a 401K plan to open a new restaurant. I had just been laid off from my job and wanted to try something new. I opened a restaurant, and it failed. I ended up owing […]

Wiped Taxes

Today TaxMama hears from Sam in MO who wants to know, “I had a bankruptcy in 1997 from a failed business. At that time I owed employee withholding taxes which were listed on my bankruptcy. Knock on wood, I have never heard from the IRS. Were those taxes wiped clean from the bankruptcy? Same situation […]

Tax Bankruptcies

From: Everywhere – we had about 10 questions about tax bankruptcies, this week alone. Who knows, perhaps this article re-surfaced Dear TaxMama, Is it true that you really can get rid of your taxes through bankruptcy? What is a tax bankruptcy and how can I get one? Signed… everyone. Dear Family, About three years ago, […]