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Old Corporation

Today TaxMama hears from Peter in Ohio who says, “I started a corporation four years back and never got around to using it. I never filed anything because it was never in use. Do I need to file returns for those 4 years even though I never used the corp.? How do I completely close […]

Violating Divorce Decree

Today TaxMama hears from a divorcee who is concerned. She says “I got divorced in 2001. The decree stated that we would each claim one child as a dependent. When I moved to another state in 2006 my taxes were done by H&R Block. I didn’t realize they had claimed both children in my tax […]

Late SEP Contributions

Today TaxMama hears from David in North Carolina who wants to know. “If a self-employed taxpayer obtains a valid extension, then files a return before the extension deadline, can the taxpayer then establish and fund an SEP-IRA (before the extension deadline) and file Form 1040X to claim the deduction? Or does the extension end when […]

Misaddressed Envelope

Today TaxMama hears from Rick in Washington with this problem. “I sent my tax return off on April 15th with my payment. The envelope was returned to us because we had mistakenly put our address sticker on the front. If we send this along in a new envelope, what are the chances that we may […]

What was Withheld

Today TaxMama hears from a Vet in Virginia, who is perplexed. “In Sept 2000, I received a severance pay from the military. For Veterans Administration purposes, I needed to know if other taxes such as Medicare, FICA and state or any other taxes may have been deducted from this money. Looking at my 2000 tax […]

Income Averaging – or Your Ticket to the Past

Today TaxMama hears from June in California who asks. “My son-in-law suggested that I use income averaging to offset high income tax for 2007 resulting from circumstances beyond my control. Is that possible?”

Net Operating Losses

Today TaxMama hears from Judy in Kansas who tells us, “I had a house fire in 2004 and I am just now filing an amended return for 2004 for the casualty losses. They resulted in a net operating loss (NOL). It is past the 3 year timeframe for filing a 1040x for 2002 and 2003. […]

10-Year Averaging

Today TaxMama hears from Ramesh, who has a long memory: “There used to be income averaging, that I know was discontinued. But I remember seeing something about a 10-year averaging that was grandfathered for seniors. I now qualify; but all I can find is something for farmers. Can you please find it for me?”

AIDS Unfiled

Today TaxMama hears from Tom in Los Angeles, who tells us, “I am a person living with AIDS. I have not paid my taxes in years, partly because my medical costs are insane, and partly because I thought I would be dead by now. Having survived my friends, it’s time to move forward with my […]

Foreign Exclusion Unfiled

Today we hear from Yusuf, in CT who just came back from working overseas. “I have been working abroad for many years (since 1990). I filled on time for the first 5 years. Then a friend informed me that as long as I was under the allowable income level there was no reason to file. […]

Forged 2005

Today we hear from Veronica in New York who has this story. “I received a letter from IRS requesting $2,800 for 2005. I was married in 2005, but left my husband on September 1, 2005 and haven’t been back since. I filed my own separate income tax for year 2005 and did not know that […]

Amended Returns

Today TaxMama hears from lots of readers and Tax Pros about filing amended returns. The Pros say “I never attach a copy of the original return. And I’ve never had problems. Is this a regional requirement? And of course, since TaxMama says it’s so, it must be true, right? “