Tax Roundtable Replays for 2012

2012 Tax Roundtables

TaxMama’s Tax Roundtable is a monthly live discussion open to all TaxMama Family Members
and all TaxMama’s EA Exam and Solving the Tax Puzzle Students.

REPLAY all the 2012 sessions below.
Yyou can watch the sessions  – or you can download the MP3 files and listen to them at your leisure.

November  Replay     MP3 file

October        Replay     MP3 file

September    Replay     MP3 file

August 2012 Replay   MP3 file

July 2012 – Replay   MP3 File

June 2012 Replay   MP3 file

May 2012 Replay   MP3 file

April 2012 Replay   MP3 file

Mar 2012 Replay   MP3 file

Feb 2012 Replay    MP3 file

Jan 2012 Replay    2012 Mp3

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