Just How Smart ARE You?

Today’s Money Funnies column is a collection of fun things to watch or play with – sent in by folks like you – and fun stuff I found.

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Take the test.

Just how smart are you? Find out by taking a free PhD-certified IQ Test at Tickle.com.

Are you in the right job? Here’s a fun Career Test to find out!

Floyd T Greenman, EA in Northridge sent us this:

How Many of You Are There?

Heidi in France, sent this country western music video – for adults with a sense of humor only.
Show them to Meeee!

From AccountingWeb.com – CPA’s sharing their funniest tax tales (back in 2004)

For a touch of inspiration, in my archives, I find Joyce Ragels, EA in Arizona sent us Heartprints

Courtesy of lots of folks.

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