IRS sending letters to selected tax preparers

During the month of November the IRS is sending letters to more than 21,000 paid tax preparers who prepare a large number of Schedules A, C, and E. The letters, which are slightly threatening, are intended to remind tax preparers of the “consequences of filing incorrect returns and new tax return preparer requirements.” The IRS also plans to visit the offices of about 10% of those receiving letters during the coming tax season (because, the IRS says, many practitioners don’t keep regular office hours outside of tax season).

You can view the letter and IRS FAQs regarding the letters and office visits at:,,id=249069,00.html

[TaxMama Note:  Although 21,000 letters are being sent out (selected from a population of about 800,000 tax professionals), only 2100 firms will be visited. Relax. These are not audits. Just educational visits. But…be careful what is done or said by you and your staff during that visit!]


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