Ask TaxMama Issue 675 – Happy Purim

Look at that, it’s Purim in February. (Usually happens in March.) My favorite holiday. This is the only Jewish holiday that celebrates the accomplishment of a woman. Queen Esther’s courage saves the lives of the Jews in Persia (now Iran) sometime around the 3rd century BCE. Not only is this about a strong woman, this holiday is all about partying, drinking and making lots of noise. (Hmmm…do you think this is where Mardi Gras originated?) Better yet, it’s the reverse of Halloween. Instead of little children in costume knocking on your door begging for treats or threatening you; they are knocking on your door to bring you treats. See…so many reasons to be a favorite holiday!

As long as we’re having fun with angels like Esther, this week’s Money Funny is about two traveling angels. You’re about to find out that things aren’t always what they seem.

In today’s IRS News, the IRS tells us to watch out for fake communications from the IRS. Seriously, read all about how to avoid getting entrapped by these horrible phisherfolk. Then the IRS gives us a lot of information about education benefits and how to tap into them. Education is the one treasure no one can steal from you.

Today’s MarketWatch column is about the big question. Should you rent or buy a home? The article takes into account the full cost of utilities for homeowners. It doesn’t pick them up for renters because, generally, the landlord picks up the cost of gas/fuel, trash and water. The tenant usually only pays for electricity. At least around here.

Earlier this week, I was reading Jennifer Openshaw’s article titled, What good is life insurance if no one collects? She talks about unclaimed property. So…since I was in kind of a funk, I started looking through California’s database to see if there was anything for me, or for anyone I knew. Wow! I found $2,000 for my cousin. There were several other smaller things in there for several people I knew – but that was a nice find. It will more than pay for dinner when we go out tonight.

In this week’s Equifax Tax Blog you’ll learn about tax laws that will affect you THIS year, in 2013. Other articles tell you about credit report accuracy, how to house-hunt online without getting into trouble, and more.

And have a great weekend!

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