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Today TaxMama answers Steve from Orland, CA who’s asking about Per Diem for truck drivers. Steve says “Thanks to your site I found out that I can deduct $41 per day. But how/where do I put this deduction on my schedule “A” form?”

Hi Steve,

First, let’s just update that per diem information, shall we? The IRS reviews the per diem amount, currently $41, for possible increase each year, effective Oct. 1. So the new rates should be out soon. Meanwhile, for the moment, you may only deduct 70% of your total per diem rate. But, the per diem limitation is increasing every two years until 2008, so you’ll gradually get to deduct more of your per diem:

Right now, it’s 70% — 2005
it will be 75% in 2006, 2007
Then, 80% in 2008 and beyond

All job-related expenses go on Form 2106

The per diem rate refers only to meals. You probably have other job-related expenses  you can deduct. For instance, special shoes, uniforms, laundry, gloves, toolbox and tools, classes, licensing renewals….

And if you are an owner-operator, well, the list just goes on.

Fill out Form 2106. The totals get carried to Schedule A, to the Miscellaneous Deductions area – and become part of your itemized deductions.

You’ll find more information and tools for truckers at and
Explains IRS Meal Allowance
Broader explanation of Per Diem computation

Drive carefully.

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