SS Number on Credit Check

Today TaxMama hears from Heather in Oakland, CA who ask, “Can my social security number be used on a business credit check? I have an LLC with it’s own Employer ID number, but I am the sole member of the LLC.”

Hey Heather, sure. If you let them.

Often, the lender or supplier won’t loan you money or sell to you on credit without checking your personal credit or without your personal guarantee.

If you give them permission – then, certainly, they may.

If you don’t give them permission – and they refuse to give you credit, well, you’ll simply have to go to another lender or supplier, won’t you. No doubt, if you check around, you’ll find suppliers or lenders who will provide you with at least a limited line of credit until you prove you’ll pay their bills.

But, no, no one may run a credit check under your personal Social Security Number without your signature.

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