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Separate but Unequal

Today TaxMama hears from Mark in MA, with this question: “My tax software suggested filing married separate to save money. Can I use all the itemized deductions with one return, and the dependants on the other? It seemed to work on the software with no alerts.”

Last Minute

Today TaxMama wants to talk to you about the dreaded April 15th deadline. Some folks have already filed. And are just sitting back fat and sassy, waiting for those Stimulus Rebates to come next month. You’re not one of them, are you? You’re sitting there feeling pressured and stressed, just knowing you’re still missing so […]

California FTB News Flash – Wrong IRA Deduction AGI Phaseouts Published

Courtesy of Spidell Publishing Inc. The FTB stated that the instructions for Schedule CA (540 and 540NR), California Adjustments, contain the wrong phase out amounts on line 32 (IRA Deduction) for taxpayers using the married filing joint and qualifying widow(er) filing statuses. In turn, most, if not all, tax software is also using the incorrect […]

Office in Home

Today TaxMama hears from Brian in Georgia wants to know. “I work out of my home office in Georgia for a company headquartered in Virginia. Can I write off my home office as a home office work place and deduct part of my home etc.? Or would that only count if I had my own […]

Depreciation Dilemma

Today TaxMama hears from Diana who grumbles, “I tried to list a new laptop using Section 179 for my new business. The Feds were OK. But I could not list the full amount on the California return due to their lower Section 179 limits, so I left it off my taxes. How do I claim […]

Married or Otherwise

Today TaxMama hears from Karin in Jacksonville, Florida, who tells us “I was single for most of 2005. Now my husband and I are trying to figure out the best way to file, since for that time I was head of my household, paying daycare expenses and etc. Any advice? He has already filed Married […]

Mileage Reimbursement

Today TaxMama hears from Jerry in Abingdon, VA who tells us, “My wife is a sales rep. She is paid 20 cents per mile. She has driven over 1200 miles (we have documentation). What form do we use to claim the unpaid mileage vs the government’s 40.5 cents per mile? My wife does not own […]