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IRS Adds Functions to Online Payment Agreement Application

IR-2008-77, June 6, 2008 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today introduced several new features to the interactive Online Payment Agreement application , which will make it easier for taxpayers and their authorized representatives to make changes to existing installment agreements. The system will now permit: LI>Individuals to revise their payment due dates and/or amounts […]

Credit Card Theft

Today TaxMama hears from Barry Pinksy, Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch. He has an alert for you. “I heard from a client whose credit card showed fraudulent charges. And this could happen to you, too.”

Credit Where Credit is Due

Today TaxMama hears from Sam in Fort Walton beach, Fl, who’s perplexed. “I bought some stuff on credit card and after some days I lost the credit card. The bank issued me a new credit card and my old credit card was cancelled. Then when I returned some of the stuff I bought on my […]