Which TaxMama® Membership Do You Need?

Free Membership

  • Get YOUR tax question answered for free
  • Search thousands of answers on the tax forums
  • Use the free resources in the system
  • TaxQuips and Ask TaxMama® newsletter

Family Membership

  • 20% Off most TaxMama® Courses
  • Priority answers on the “Family Only” Ask TaxMama® forums
  • Monthly TaxMama® online breakfast Roundtable chats – ask any tax or business question
  • Up to 30 hours of Live CPE credits for EAs, CPAs, and OTRP for returning students to TaxMama’s® EA Review Course
    • Note: The Self-Study CPE is a separate system with an additional cost
  • Dedicated “Family Only” discounts & resources
  • Free Tax Webinars throughout the year
  • $325 Annually*
    • *Note: Charter Family members can renew at their original sign-up price (but once you fail to renew – the current prices will apply)

Prime Membership

For businesses that are already successful & ready to focus on tax savings
  • Chart of Accounts review and update
  • Bookkeeping review and recommendations
    • Note: We do not do your bookkeeping for you – we work with your team
  • In depth review of your business tax return
  • 4 private Consultations with Team TaxMama® during the year
  • In depth tax planning for personal and business
    • Note: This does not include tax preparation – just planning
  • You must be approved by TaxMama® first
  • Minimum fee $10,000