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Several versions of the Tax Code and Regs are included because they may each be updated through a different date.

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Tax Court Exam – to be given on November 2012!

Note: You can buy copies of the exams from 2008,2006,2004 from the court for $8.00 – $8.50 per year. See the first link below for details.

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eBook – Tax Reduction Secrets


Download Tax Reduction Secrets eBook - Freelancers

Freelancers and people working on their own are the most vulnerable to tax audits, tax abuses, and tax mistreatment by those who hire them. After all, the IRS knows that most of the freelance population doesn’t really understand that they are in business and don’t keep appropriate books and records. The IRS also knows that a lot of money never hits the books or tax returns at all. Auditing a freelancer is almost guaranteed to generate additional tax assessments. This makes the auditors look great and makes the freelancers financial life a living hell. Learn how to avoid the misery in this tactic-packed e-book!

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Tax Practice Series Course -

Basic & Intermediate Level

Tax Practice Series Course - CPE Link

These courses provide 18-20 hours of education, covering fundamental information about the Internal Revenue Service system of tax debt collection and administration. (No CPE credit provided – just very useful information and resources.) Note: These courses can be very useful for individuals trying to resolve your own tax problems!

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New – November 2013!

Tax Issues for Same-Sex Couples Post

After the Supreme Court Overturned DOMA

Click below to download the Lecture PDF and access resource links

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New – November 2013!

Watch a Replay of the Session - Everything You Need to Know - About the Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam

New – November 2013!

Download Making a Living as an Enrolled Agent (EA) PDF


4 Tax Secrets That Will Change your Life

Listen to TaxMama on Small Business radio

Top 15 things that people do wrong

TaxMama's 2009 Year End Update

Listen to TaxMama on Small Business radio

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