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Racing Sponsorship

Today TaxMama hears from Craig in California with this question. “I’m a kart driver, who is going to be doing a lot of racing in Europe in 2010. My budget and sponsorship money that I’m expecting to receive is in the 5 to 6 digits. Do I have to pay taxes on the sponsorship money […]

2009 Annual SB/SE Customer Base Survey to Begin

The Small Business/Self-Employed (SB/SE) division of the IRS will begin conducting its annual telephone survey of taxpayers starting January 21, 2009 and running through mid-April, 2009. This survey is targeted to small business and self-employed taxpayers who file certain income tax forms, including: 1120, 1120A, 1120S, 1065 and 1040 with schedules C, E or F. […]

TaxMama Tips in Times of Business Downturns – an Outline

Your business doesn’t have to fail, or even struggle. This is a great time for a business to shine. But you will have to face some hard truths about yourself and your circumstances. And you’re going to need to be brutally honest with yourself, your workers, your family and your vendors. 1) If you can’t […]

IRS’s Latest Hot Product, 2009 Small Biz Tax Calendar, Ready for Businesses

The IRS 2009 Small Business/Self-Employed Tax Calendar is stocked and ready to go. With its professional illustrations, in-depth business tax information, and day-to-day reminders for which business taxes are due when, the 12-month wall calendar has always been a popular item.The calendar is FREE. Small business and self-employed taxpayers can also download the business tax […]

His and Her Businesses

Today TaxMama hears from Jason in Arizona who says “My wife and I both started businesses in 2007. My wife sells candles and I do accounting. I know since we do joint taxes that normally you can file your business taxes with our personal taxes. But how does it work when filing for two different […]

Useful Resources

Today TaxMama wants to give you some no-charge resources to help you protect your finances – and reduce your stress, and perhaps improve your health. Besides, all the questions directed to TaxMama in the last couple of days are either too complex, or too often repeated to bore you with, here.

Treasure Hunter

Today TaxMama hears from Joanna in New York who tells us. “I have been working as a finder, uniting people with their abandoned funds in NY State – funds lost due to inactivity. These monies consist of insurance funds, NYS Income Tax Checks, mutual funds, inactive bank accounts, etc. My question: What happens to Federal […]

SBA introduces new online courses for small business owners

Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service [See the Resource Box below, for links] The Small Business Administration’s Small Business Training Network has introduced two new free online finance courses to help small business owners with the basic principles of finance and borrowing: Finance Primer: Guide to SBA’s Loan Guaranty Programs How to Prepare a Loan […]

I Want to do it Myself

Today TaxMama hears Lana in Illinois who says . “I started a new S corporation last year, but let the paperwork get behind. I read your book and I would like to take care of my taxes on my own to save money and not involve a pro. My earnings need to be limited because […]

Deducting My Dog

Today TaxMama hears from Chris the dog lover who says. “I was wondering if you have advice on your site about blogging and what you can write-off. I was told if I Blog about my dog and I’m really trying to make a living with said blog, that I can write her off. Is this […]