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100 Miles

Today TaxMama hears from Becky in Arlington TX who says, “I teach school and teach on a contract basis and my husband has a remodeling business. I want to know if my husband and I have our residence in one city, but commute 100 miles during the week to work in another city, can we […]

Selling Home Office

Today TaxMama hears from Ray, who tells us, “I just saw the article on deductions for a home office on Something I learned last year from my tax advisor that needs to be disclosed is that when you sell your home, you get hit with Capital Gains tax on that home office location. In […]

Employee’s Home Office

Today TaxMama hears from Lee From Houston, TX, who asks, “I will be relocating to a new area where I will be working exclusively from the home I will be purchasing. I will continue in the same position, working for the same company who doesn’t have local offices. Can I deduct my home office expenses?” […]

Real Estate Biz

Today TaxMama hears from Mike from Florida, “I am getting into the real estate sales business in southwest Florida. What business-related expenses are normally deductible?  May I deduct the training required by state law?  Car expenses, including leasing, fuel, and maintenance for a business-only vehicle?  Office space in the home? Anything else?

Cleaning Up

Today TaxMama answers Laura on the Internet. Laura is concerned “I’ve hired two women who are doing business as “Simply Clean” to clean my home. They are not incorporated, just two ladies cleaning houses. If I pay $35.00 per week for part-time services, do I treat them as household employees? What do I have to […]

Not Flex-Time and Flex-Space

Today Steve from Waltham, MA wants to know what to do about an employee. “We have an employee who is currently living and working in MA. She is moving to Florida and would like to continue to work for our company in Florida (while still reporting to her same manager in MA). We agreed. My […]

S Corp and Office in Home

Today Heather from Portland, Oregon asks, “Can I report income from S Corporation on Schedule C? If not, how do I get the home office, depreciation, etc. deduction as I cannot find these in the 1120S form?”