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IRS Levy

Today TaxMama hears from Mike in Arizona who has this problem. “I have a notice of levy for three years of back taxes. I can’t afford full payment but can send about $300 per month to keep them satisfied. “

Innocent Spouse

Today TaxMama hears from Auntie Weezer in the Tax Parlor who says, “I currently owe the IRS money from previous tax years, I will be getting married this fall. Is there any way I can keep IRS from taking my husband’s tax refund and only take mine? Someone told me to file married but separated […]

Bankrupting Taxes

Today TaxMama hears from Lisa from the Tax Parlor who tells us, “I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in September 2003. I owed the IRS for 1996, 1997 and 2002 taxes. This was listed in my bankruptcy but the IRS has no record of it. They also say IRS debt is not dismissed. I would like […]

Garnished Taxes

Today TaxMama hears from Tony in Ohio who tells us. “I am currently getting garnishments taken out of my wages. Is this refundable? Or do I at least get credit towards filing my next return?” ~~~~ Dear Tony, If your paycheck is being garnished by IRS or your state, that money is going towards paying […]

Fighting Off IRS Levy

Today Dee from Akron, NY is puzzled, “in 1993, before I even met my husband, he filed his 1992 taxes with H&R Block. Now IRS is claiming my husband did not report a pension check he received that year. IRS has just put a bank levy on our joint checking account. He filed in 1993. […]

National Standards

Today TaxMama hears several people who are having problems with the amounts IRS wants paid on their balance due, compared to the amount they think they can pay. In most cases, the amounts due are under $25,000.

Statistical Restaurant

Today TaxMama hears from Patrick in the TaxParlor who has this tale of woe, “In 2001 I withdrew about $70,000 from a 401K plan to open a new restaurant. I had just been laid off from my job and wanted to try something new. I opened a restaurant, and it failed. I ended up owing […]

Ex-Sisterly Love

Today TaxMama hears from Maria from NJ, who says, “I have been out of the country for nine years and a stay at home mom. I recently had my bank accounts levied, where the only money deposited is child support directly from the New Jersey Child Support Offices. My account was levied because apparently my […]

Fight or Pay

Today TaxMama hears from John in New York, who has this complaint. “I have two IRS lien releases that were sent to NYC register’s office for official filing on their ACRIS website records. They have failed to add them to their database, despite two visits to registers office. Now, they want $40 from me and […]

Changing IRS Collection Policy

Today TaxMama wants to talk about a disturbing IRS policy. It’s based on this question from a reader – “The IRS is wanting to garnish my wages for back taxes from 1998. My ex and I are both responsible, but he is claiming self employment, living with a very wealthy girlfriend. So IRS is coming […]