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Articles of Interest

Today TaxMama wants to tell you about a few updated articles and tips you may find useful. 1) Everyone’s so into eBay and live garage sales. And summer is definitely the time for it. So, here’s an article on how to keep good records on your purchases, if you’re going to be turning around and […]

What’s Wrong with the “New” Missed Fortune 101?

Free Webinar Who: Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP™, CAPP™, Founder of The Wealth Preservation Institute What: What’s Wrong with Missed Fortune 101 and Learning Equity Harvesting the “Correct” Way When: July 11, 2007 3:00 pm EST. Register: send email to with WEBINAR in the subject line What’s Wrong with the “New” Missed Fortune 101? (aka, […]

The Millionaire Zone

RESEARCH FINDS MILLIONAIRES TURN THEIR ADDRESS BOOKS INTO CHECK BOOKS MORE THAN NON-MILLIONAIRES Use of Social Networks Dispels Myth that the Rich “Go it Alone” in Achieving Success 74% of Americans Want to Turn their Profits into Passions New York, April 26, 2007—Millionaires use social networks – ranging from the government and their alma maters […]

Advisory Team

Today TaxMama hears from Edward in PA, who asks, “Can you address the ins and outs of building a personal financial team? Who are the key players needed on this team?”

Clarifying Extensions

Today TaxMama hears from Martin – and several other MarketWatch readers, who say. “In your April 14th article in the Tax Watch section of “” you advised that if you are short of cash to pay your taxes you should file for an extension and pay when you file. I believe that’s incorrect: When you […]

TaxSeason Roundup

TaxMama has so many questions in the Tax Parlor and from her MarketWatch article this week, that I’ve spent about three times as many hours answering them. Many of the answers are posted in the Tax Parlor – They cover areas like dealing with out of state jobs, Whirlpool’s buyout of Maytag stockholders, taxes […]

In the Millionaire Zone

Today TaxMama wants to tell you a little bit about my exciting experience last week at Jennifer Openshaw’s Women in the Millionaire Zone Conference. Originally, the organizers expected about 400 people. But from the feedback we speakers were getting, we suggested they prepare for more. The room was set up for over 700 – and […]

China Dole

Today TaxMama wants to talk about doing business in China. Andrew in the Tax Parlor told us that he had a devastating experience with shoddy products he received from China. Since you have to pre-pay, or provide a letter of credit, you generally don’t get to see the quality of your order until after you […]